Intel Atom to take on industrial PCs, claim analysts

Intel's Atom platform may have rejuvenated the low-power ultraportable market – prompting quick retaliation from VIA in the shape of the Nano and a speculated 1GHz AMD chip - but they perhaps didn't expect to take on the makers of industrial PCs (IPCs).  According to a Digitimes report, however, that's just the situation some analysts believe will occur.

As the standard Atom platform drops to a sub-$100 price point, some IPC manufacturers have stated their interest in using it in system integrator or international trader market segments; both prioritize low-pricing above customization or flexibility.  However other manufacturers contend that the extra features and task-specific tweaks offered by specialist producers will keep Atom from making too great an impact.

There's little consensus on exactly how much of the market Atom could take; naysayers are claiming, unsurprisingly, that it'll be minimal.  However given the vast numbers of low-cost desktop units sold to businesses, machines like MSI's Wind Desktop are likely to make a real impact.

[via NotebookItalia]