Intel Atom N450 "Pine View" coming October

According to those talkative "industry sources", Intel is preparing to phase out the Atom N270 processor in October by launching its replacement, the Atom N450.  Better known by its codename, Pine View, the N450 will be a single-core chip built on Intel's 45nm processing line and have an integrated northbridge.  That timescale was last tipped from manufacturing leaks back in May, when it was also revealed that the N280 also faced the chop.

The N270 is best known for being a mainstay in most netbooks, low-cost ultraportables usually 10-inches or smaller.  While the processor is neither the most economical nor offers the greatest performance, Intel's combination of pricing and chipset support has seen it adopted by most manufacturers.

The Atom N450 will be paired with the new NM10 chipset, codenamed Tiger Point, which will also launch in October 2009.  According to the sources Intel will be issuing a last-order notice for the N270 in Q1 2010, and supplies of the processor will dry up before the end of July 2010.