Intel and A4WP aim for wireless computers in 2016

Chris Burns - Jun 4, 2014, 12:29 pm CDT
Intel and A4WP aim for wireless computers in 2016

This week Intel has made clear their intentions to create a wireless PC universe in the year 2016. With their post-Broadwell Intel Core processors, the company will aim for wireless charging in all things. This week the company makes plain their plan to bring systems like magnetic resonance charging to the public.

Intel will be working with the board of the industry standard A4WP in the near future. The Alliance for Wireless Power works with Rezense technology, aiming to keep all wireless power certification under one roof.

This week A4WP also announced the expansion of the Rezence Standard to 50 Watts for tablets, peripherals, and PCs. Intel is interested in PCs first and foremost, of course. Companies like Fujitsu, Lenovo, Logitech, Panasonic, Dell, and Hon Hoi (Foxconn) are all either part of A4WP or have just joined recently for the wireless PC wave.

We’ll be waiting for the table chargers specifically. Then we’ll be asking how we’re going to travel with said devices unless we’ve got a cord as well – which we’ll expect.

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