Instagram now loops like Vine

The war of the tiny media sharers continues. Instagram has had an internal update which allows videos shared to the service to loop. Just like Vine, whenever you tap the "play" button on an Instagram video, you're going to be watching that video over and over and over again, prompting Vince super-sharers to trade services. If they do so dare, of course. This is the next step in Social Networking, after all – adding ALL the features of competing services to do better than they.

The Instagram bit you're about to see comes front he Simpsons Pixel video released this week by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. Have a peek at the full video right this minute.

A video posted by Chris Burns (@chrisburns79) on

Any video you upload to Instagram now will loop automatically. There's nothing you have to do to make it happen – it'll just happen.

Of course video ads will also loop, as will every other video you see on Instagram. Good thing there's an automatic mute – that's what you'll see instead of a play button on Instagram from now on.

So expect the visuals to be flowing. All the time.