Instagram Music: not what you might think

New code was discovered this week in the deep depths of Instagram – and it's interesting. The code mentions Music – but not music like we see rolling in Spotify and Tidal and such. Instead, this music in Instagram is closer to what we've seen with YouTube's Open Source Music feature brings. That means the Instagram Stories you're already making could be tricked out, and soon.

The update comes in the form of "Music Stickers" in Instagram. There users might well be able to use this feature in the very near future. According to TechCrunch (as mentioned here late yesterday), this feature's coming in thanks to a recent set of Facebook licensing deals reached with Sony, Universal, Warner, and a few Euro labels.

When will I get to use this feature?

Soon, it looks like – very soon. The code's already in the mix. You can see if you know how to pull apart the most recent version of the Android APK. In that set of files are found codes like "music_overlay_sticker" and "music_sticker" and a few images that work with it. These bits might well appear first in the Stickers panel in Instagram – that's where they popped up for a few users earlier this week, anyway.

This might well bring about a new generation in Instagram users – one that actually listens to audio. What better way to get people even MORE engrossed in their phone's content than with music the user's compelled to listen to? What better way to bring users deeper into the fold than with radio tracks they've just heard 13 times over the past week on the radio?

See if it works any better than what Snapchat's got with music at the moment. Discover channels and music blasting in your face at full volume because the volume buttons don't work like they're supposed to inside the app. Man there's nothing I love more than that!