Instagram gets HTC One X support with Tegra 3 tweak

Instagram has updated its Android app to support the HTC One X, as well as making GPS tagging of photos on all devices more accurate. Released less than a week ago – but already notching up over 5m downloads - Instagram for Android has already seen several minor tweaks, but v1.0.4 addresses the biggest complaint among users: that high-profile new phones like the One X weren't supported thanks to a reported glitch with the Tegra 3 chipset.

That's been fixed now, with Instagram's release notes now promising "better support for NVIDIA Tegra 3 handsets/tablets." Another issue, where Instagram photos wouldn't show up in the gallery on the device, has also been ironed out, and the GPS location system will now check for position more frequently so as to make the tags appended to image metadata more accurate.

The app made headlines this past week after news broke that Facebook had acquired it for a whopping $1bn. Although the social network has promised that it has no intention of destroying what made Instagram such a success to begin with, the response from some users has been negative, with threats to delete accounts and boycott the app.

Finally, there are a few other bugfixes for tablet users, intended to increase stability. Instagram for Android is a free download from the Play Market.

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