Instagram Facebook Messenger merging day is here

Facebook's latest move with Instagram – this week – was to integrate several "familiar features" from Messenger. If you have no issue whatsoever with Facebook as a company or a social media entity, this shouldn't be much concern to your personal wellbeing. If, on the other hand, you've been using Instagram since inception and have been bummed to find Facebook's acquisition of the property meant it'd be integrated into The Social Network further, and further, and further... today is another dark day.

Today the heads of Instagram and Messenger published a feature release about the latest iteration of Instagram. With this latest release, they are "connecting the Messenger and Instagram experience to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram."

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Users on Instagram have an option to upgrade immediately or in the near future. But the change is inevitable, not forever optional. With this update, user messages and calls where both ends were on Instagram will stay on Instagram. Messenger-connected messages will appear on both Instagram and Messenger.

At the start of this massive integration, users will be able to control where they receive messages and calls, but that may change. At the moment, there's an option for users to choose between chats, in message requests, or "not at all." It's not likely that these options will stick around forever - and WhatsApp isn't far behind.

To its credit, this connection seems to include some acknowledgement of a need for increased security. Starting on September 29, 2020, Facebook added an "Accounts Center" in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger apps. There you'll find "Story & Post Sharing," "Facebook Pay Info," and "Logging in Across Accounts." And if you need a reason to consider leaving Facebook forever and for good, take a peek at our article You can leave Facebook now, and you should.