Instagram brings pinch-to-zoom functionality to iOS

Lately, Instagram has been rolling out a significant number of changes and new features. From changing up its app icon to keep things on the fresh side to rolling out a new stories feature that seemed to borrow heavily from another popular social media app, Instagram has been making a large number of tweaks and firing them out the door quickly. Today, the features list is growing once again with the addition of a small yet frequently requested feature: pinch-to-zoom.

Instagram has announced that it has added pinch-to-zoom functionality to its iOS app. This new feature doesn't apply just to pictures, however, as Instagram says that users can also pinch to zoom in on the videos that are in their feeds, hosted on profiles, or appear in the Explore tab.

Unfortunately, you Android users will have to wait for this functionality to go live on your end, as the feature is only coming to iOS today. Never fear though, because Instagram has been working on the feature for Android and says it should be ready to roll out in the coming weeks.

From here, Instagram says it will continue to improve the "core parts" of the service, so it sounds like there are more updates on the way. We'll keep an ear to the ground for any news on new features coming down the pipeline, but in the more immediate future, we'll be on the lookout for pinch-to-zoom on Android, so stay tuned.

SOURCE: Instagram