iNotePad parody perhaps best yet (and you can buy it, too) [Video]

Chris Davies - May 27, 2010, 3:12am CDT
iNotePad parody perhaps best yet (and you can buy it, too) [Video]

There’s no shortage of iPad spoof videos, but when someone goes to the trouble not only of sourcing the exact same type of t-shirt that Jonathan Ive wears in the official video, legally changes his name and then actually produces the parody product, that deserves some attention.  Comedian Shed Simove – or, to give him his newly-adopted name, “Hans Jobs” – has put together a great video promo for his iNotePad, a tablet in a more original sense of the word.

Video after the cut

The t-shirt is apparently made by G-Star – Simove pored through the official Apple video to grab a clear freeze-frame of Ive where the logo is visible.  As for the iNotePad itself, that works in portrait or landscape orientation and you’ll never have to worry about wireless reception.

The iNotePad is £8.99 and will ship in October; that’s apparently down to “incredible demand”.  Whether it’s enough to distract the international preorder buyers receiving their iPads today is another matter.

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