III Hybrid netbook with removable Android UMPC-display [Video]

You'd think we'd seen every form factor and possible processor combination from Computex already, but III have still managed to surprise us.  Their hybrid system combines the base of an HP Mini 1000-series netbook, from which the Intel Atom processor has been junked and replaced with a 1.6GHz VIA C7-M CPU.  Meanwhile the display has been replaced with a detachable touchscreen slate, with its own processor, and running Android.  The two can be used separately.Video demo after the cut

The slate functions as a full standalone touchscreen device, running on a 533MHz Samsung ARM-based CPU, and allows for full wireless connectivity and all the usual Android apps.  The base section uses the slate as a display, and runs Windows XP – that means the usual range of productivity and office apps will work fine.

Right now it's a prototype, with III (the Institute for Information Industry in Taiwan) looking for partners to commercialize the idea.  It reminds us of the Always Innovating Touch Book, though of course that only has computing components in the slate-screen section.