Ideum update 50-inch multitouch table [Video]

Chris Davies - Aug 20, 2009, 4:15 am CDT

Multi-touch table manufacturers Ideum had already beaten Microsoft’s Surface when it came to resolution and display size, but that hasn’t stopped them tweaking their 50-inch touchscreen product.  The new Ideum MT-50 gets the same 50-inch panel – now running at 1,280 x 800 – but now protects it with new, tempered and anti-glare glass that has been given a fingerprint-resistant coating.

There’s also a slightly textured feel to the glass, which Ideum say will improve finger traction.  The biggest improvement, however, is in the multi-user, multitouch system, which now uses a new IR flood technology, apparently even better at combating ambient light and increasing accuracy.

What hasn’t changed is the fact that you’ll need to be pretty rich to pick up one of these tables yourself; they’re still intended for museum and display use.  Price on application (which generally means “expensive”).

Press Release:

Ideum Releases New Version of Its High-Resolution Ruggedized Multi-touch Table

CORRALES, New Mexico (August 20, 2009) Ideum has announced the release its new MT-50 multi-touch, multi-user table.

Like its predecessor, the MT-50 supports multi-touch and multi-user interactions. It has a bright 50″ (diagonal) surface with a high-resolution (1280 x 800) display, which is higher than Microsoft’s Surface multi-touch table.

The all-new MT-50 has full-surface, tempered, anti-glare glass. Perfect for public environments, the haptic glass surface wont show fingerprints and has a slightly textured feel.

The MT-50 is even tougher than its predecessor, its frame is built of aircraft-grade aluminum and 16-guage cold-rolled steel panels enclose the sides and bottom of the table. The panels are available in over 100 colors and textures.

The MT-50 can work in just about any environment. Its new, innovative IR flood technology allows it to effectively operate in mixed light settings. All of the components of the MT Table are industrial grade and built to withstand the demands of busy museums, including hands-on science centers.

“Weve been continually improving the table, making it more responsive, and even tougher for museums and other public spaces. said Jim Spadaccini, Director of Ideum. The MT-50 with its large surface is a perfect platform for developing multi-user exhibits.

The table meets ADA requirements for height and width: an important consideration for museums and other public spaces. The table is fully automated and can safely shut itself down when the museum closes for the day.

The MT-50 comes with an unlocked copy of Ideum’s GestureWorks framework, which allows Flash developers to easily develop their own custom multi-touch applications. Additionally, the MT-50 comes with Ideums Collection Viewer, a multi-touch enabled image and video viewer.

Ideum partners with Natural User Interface Technologies AB, a Swedish technology company specializing in multi-touch solutions to provide a base software package.

Each table comes with NUI’s Snowflake Software, a fast and reliable gesture recognition multi-touch software package. Snowflake also comes with a dozen games and applications.

The first two MT-50s will be installed at the Vancouver Aquarium in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in September.

Ideum develops computer-based exhibits and installations for museums across North America. Since the firm was founded in 1999, it has worked on over 70 projects that have explored a variety of science, history, art, and cultural topics. Ideum-developed exhibits and Websites have won numerous awards over the years including: the American Association of Museums’ MUSE Awards, the Webby Awards, the Pirelli International Multimedia Awards, the Museums and the Web Conference “Best of the Web,” and other industry awards.

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