iChat icon tips Face Time integration incoming?

Chris Davies - Oct 20, 2010, 11:37am CDT
iChat icon tips Face Time integration incoming?

Apple is still talking about iMovie ’11 as we write this, but we’ve spotted something unusual in the dock of the company’s demo machine on stage.  The iChat icon has been updated with what looks to be a video camera theme, suggesting Apple may be announcing Face Time integration from the Mac desktop.

Update: It’s official! More details here.

That would certainly fit in with earlier rumors we’ve heard, of an updated iChat version that could hold video conversations with the iPhone 4 and most recent iPod touch update.  So far those devices have been able to hold video calls between each other, but not with iChat on the desktop.

Apple is only half an hour through their event, so there’s plenty of time for Steve Jobs to announce it later. Keep reading SlashGear for all the details!

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