Hulu's new UI rolls out to PS4 and PS3

For quite some time now, Hulu has been rolling out its new user interface on a variety of different devices. This UI attempts to make navigation through Hulu's library easier with improved design while looking fairly sleek in the process. Today two new devices are receiving support for this new UI: the PS4 and PS3.

If you use Hulu on either of those consoles, you should see the new UI the next time you log in. The interface is split into four main sections of interest. The first is the Home menu, which is fairly self-explanatory – it's essentially the landing page of Hulu, where you'll find "timely and relevant" content that's based on your preferences.

Perhaps the biggest change coming with this new user interface – aside for aesthetics, at least – is the new "My Stuff" menu. My Stuff is more or less a fleshed out replacement for Hulu's old Watchlist, showing you content you've chosen to follow. It also allows to see what you've previously watched, along with content you've started but haven't finished yet. In the case of unfinished content, you'll see things that are expiring soon, allowing you to finish up before they disappear from the service.

Finally, we come to Browse and Search, their functions obvious by their name alone. My Stuff sounds like a particularly handy aspect of this new UI, and for everything else, Hulu says that the more users watch, the more their interface will be tailored for their tastes. Add to that user profiles for each Hulu watcher in your house and this "new Hulu experience" (as it's being called) seems like a pretty solid upgrade.

It's also nice to see Hulu supporting the PS3 with this roll out – a console that is slowly being left behind as more and more PlayStation 4s are sold. Hulu promises that this new UI will be coming to more devices soon, but in the meantime, give it a spin on PC and let us know what you think of it.