Hulu lands on Xfinity Flex and "soon" to Xfinity X1 boxes

Comcast Xfinity is adding Hulu to its service, bringing another potential source of distraction during these times of coronavirus self-isolation. The update sees Hulu streaming arrive on Xfinity Flex from today, while Xfinity X1 customers will get it "soon" according to Comcast.

Both new and existing subscribers to Hulu will be able to log into the new app on their Xfinity Flex box – and, "in the coming weeks," their Xfinity X1 box – and browse the full catalog of shows. That includes both classic titles like "The Golden Girls" and "Rick & Morty," plus next-day airings of network shows such as "Grey's Anatomy" and others.

It joins a number of streaming service options that Xfinity's boxes already support. You can already access Netflix and YouTube through the Xfinity Flex set-top box, for example, as well as the YouTube Kids service. Prime Video, HBO, and Pandora are available as well, and it's possible to stream live TV as well.

Down the line, meanwhile, there'll be more intuitive ways to access Hulu via Xfinity. Comcast says that it will be adding support for the Xfinity Voice Remote, the microphone-enabled remote control that allows for hands-free search. You'll be able to launch Hulu with a voice command, as well as search using it for on-demand content on the streaming service.

Xfinity is also adding Hulu content into the Flex and X1 guides, with curated collections from the Xfinity TV editors. You'll be able to ask for "New on Hulu" with the voice remote, for example, or "Best of Hulu" to see the lists of shows and movies.

Comcast launched Xfinity Flex 12 months ago, its own streaming TV box intended for internet-only customers. It supports up to 4K HDR resolution – assuming you have the TV for it – and can also be used to manage basic WiFi settings like the guest network password.

You'll still require a subscription for Hulu, of course, since that won't be bundled with the Xfinity subscription. The Flex box comes with a regular Xfinity internet connection, and promises no-contracts. Comcast will send one such box for free, and then up to two more at $5 per month. Xfinity X1, meanwhile, requires a separate subscription from your internet service.