Huawei ‘leak’ shows 2019’s big gambit

Chris Burns - Nov 29, 2018, 11:59 am CST
Huawei ‘leak’ shows 2019’s big gambit

It’s time again to see what’s going on next year – in a leak from Huawei that essentially tells the future. It was by “mistake” that a popular singer in China by the name of Jackson Yee revealed the next major Huawei smartphone. In doing so, he revealed the industry’s next big thing. That’s one big hole in the device’s display instead of a notch.

Gone are the oppressive days of the notch! No longer do we have to live with the nonsense that is the oddly shaped smartphone display. Instead, we’ve got… what’s essentially the green on a golf course – hole and all. This is the Huawei Nova 4, the first device to be revealed officially with a hole in its display.

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This is one of several different sorts of ways Samsung aims to get around the whole “notch” situation. They’ve got holes, they’ve got peninsulas, they’ve got entire bending displays. They’ve got solutions aplenty for the problem that is filling the entire front side of the device with display space.

But did Huawei work with Samsung Display to make this phone’s display? It’s certainly possible. And would Samsung allow this tech to be released on a device that doesn’t have their name on it before they release a similar phone? Of course they would – Samsung Display is not the same group as Samsung Mobile, and Samsung Mobile’s not currently in the business of releasing new big tech first – they’ve gone down a different path for 2019.

For the year 2019 (from the fourth quarter of 2018 and forward), Samsung Mobile’s strategy has been to release major new technological breakthroughs on non-headline smartphones. This way they spread the love and don’t rely so heavily on their Galaxy S and Note series.

With the Huawei Nova 4, we see the first in a long line of notch-alternative solutions from Samsung Display. Don’t be surprised when you see this sort of display appear again, and again, and again on different phones. It’s bound to happen!

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