HTC Teleconference Tomorrow for Major News Announcement

We've been informed there is going to be one gigantic announcement made by the folks at HTC tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM Pacific Time, one with some "big stuff" as they're saying, and we're ready and pumped up to cover said conference as quick as a bunny! But what will it be? Could it be a brand new device? Perhaps the HTC Puccini we've been hearing whispers about for some time now? A brand new dual-core device? Maybe even something with Ice Cream Sandwich on it!

Here's another thought – maybe it's something like what we saw this morning in China, a situation where HTC will be teaming up with a mobile pay group to offer up NFC solutions for people across the nation? Check that news story out and get back to me. Next, it could be the new HTC EVO Design 4G, though that wouldn't necessarily mean big cookie news, would it?

HTC recently released news about their brand new HTCdev website complete with info about how bootloaders will be unlocked there – will this news reflect off that? We're banking on some sort of device or another, perhaps it IS time for the HTC Puccini to see the light of day. Think about it – which manufacturers don't have a 10-inch tablet yet? That's right, HTC. It's time!

Of course, there's always Dashwire to dash your sesnses.