HTC tablet research tips social networking niche

Speculation about an HTC tablet is one of those cyclical things that doesn't want to die, and it seems that while the company maintains it has nothing in the works, that hasn't stopped them doing research to identify just what niche a larger-screen HTC slate might occupy.  According to The Inquirer, HTC's European vice president, Dr Florian Seiche, informed attendees of the Open Mobile Summit this week that their "study found women social networking while watching television was a likely use for tablets."

Back in April, an HTC executive in South Africa reignited tablet rumors when he claimed that the company was working on an Android-based device.  Nonetheless, just because HTC are doing research, it doesn't mean a product is the inevitable outcome: like all consumer electronics companies, they routinely conduct market surveys to see where their focus should shift.

When we ran into HTC at the launch of the Wildfire earlier this month, we once again asked them regarding the likelihood of a tablet device.  They continue to insist that no such device is planned.  We'd love to see the HTC answer to the iPad, but we're not holding our breath that it will launch any time soon.