HTC Snapdragon devices to be announced Q2 2009?

HTC are planning to launch at least one  Qualcomm Snapdragon-based mobile device in Q2 2009, according to market sources in Taiwan.  The devices are expected hit the market one quarter later than Toshiba's own Snapdragon-based handset, the TG01, which was announced earlier this week.

As can often be the case with Digitimes reports, there's a little confusion with the dates.  At the Toshiba TG01 launch earlier this week, we were told that the smartphone would launch sometime during the Summer; the way we're interpreting the Digitimes article, although HTC will announce their own Snapdragon devices in Q2 they won't actually go on sale until after the TG01 does, in either Q3 or Q4 2009.

There's no word on exact specifications for the upcoming HTC devices, but comparing what we know about Snapdragon and looking back at the January leak of HTC's 2009 line-up, the two most obvious candidates are the Whitestone and the Thoth.  Each is a slate-style tablet, with the Thoth (that's believed to be the Athena 2) having a clip-on QWERTY keyboard.