HTC Sensation 4G hitting T-Mobile USA on June 8?

HTC wasted no time in confirming that its Sensation powerhouse would be headed to the US in the guise of the T-Mobile Sensation 4G, but the company was coy about when, exactly, that might be. The company's advertising team obviously has no such qualms, however; TmoNews spotted an AdWords result promising a June 8 2011 release for the HSPA+ handset.

Meanwhile, their eagle eyes also caught June 8 somewhere else in the Sensation 4G masterplan: boldly featured on the Android 2.3.3 smartphone's HTC Sense 3.0 weather widget. Alone, that might not be enough to convince us, but HTC wouldn't be the first company to theme screenshots on promo material to an upcoming launch date.

We'll have to wait a little longer, most likely, to find out whether the June 8 release date is true. HTC and T-Mobile are unlikely to officially announce the Sensation 4G launch until perhaps 2-3 weeks beforehand; until then, you'll have to sate yourself with our hands-on report.

[via Android Community]