HTC Rezound hyped up by Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine in NYC

This week at the HTC / Beats event in New York City which played host to the reveal of HTC next big device the HTC Rezound, Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Beats by Dre, was invited on stage to regale about the device and its history. What you'll find is that not only does he have complete faith in the record industry, he sees HTC as the next stepping stone that'll keep the record industry out of the water that'll otherwise drown it. Will the man who spearheaded the connection between HP and Beats be able to knock out another winner with the first HTC / Beats collaborative device in the HTC Rezound? We shall see!

At the event, Jimmy noted that while he was concerned with services like Napster when he was was a record producer, and that he now saw that "we have to figure out a way that tech companies need us, the music industry, or we will get destroyed." Having spoken to Intel, complaining about Napster, he received a hearty: "Not every industry was made to last forever." Of course then iTunes came and Iovine notes that speaking to Jobs about the future at that time had Jobs extremely pumped up. But what's all this got to do with the HTC Rezound, the device revealed at the event?

The audio, of course. In that, as Jimmy noted "You can't play MP3s through one dollar speakers," that's the in that the record industry was waiting for. He calls out Dell for PCs, "Dell, make your computers sound better. It's important to us, it's important to the industry," then goes on to hype up the connection: "Let's go tackle HTC. Together, we will bring music to the phone. The record industry needs it."

We'll see about that Jimmy, we'll see about that.