HTC partners with Dropbox, 5GB free on every Android

Today Dropbox and HTC have announced their new partnership that includes, first and foremost, the Dropbox app being pre-installed on all HTC Android devices from now on as well as an included 5 GB right out of the box! Dropbox is a cloud-based business that stores files for you, all of these files accessible wherever you have a Dropbox app installed. For the desktop, that means that you've got a special folder on your desktop that can be accessed everywhere else you've got Dropbox. For Android, that means ultra-easy file transfers to and from your device!

The Dropbox app has been a savior for your humble narrator on many occasions due on the whole to its super simple nature and ease in use. Transfer any sized file (inside your limit) with ease, share folders with whomever you want (even if they don't use Dropbox) and now make your mobile life one step closer to total oneness. HTC and Dropbox have not yet let known if they'll allow users who've already got HTC devices in their hands to have the same free 5GB of space, but new users on phones being released in the future appear to very much be in the green.

We've previously heard that this collaboration would only include those lucky enough to be running Sense 3.5 in the near future, this of course leaving out some of even the devices being released right this moment under the HTC banner. Sense is HTC's user interface sitting on Android that makes their devices look ever so pretty – and it's different on every single HTC device, regardless of the version number. So can we expect that this Dropbox inclusion will only work with top-tier HTC devices of the future?

We're hoping for all!