All Future HTC Sense 3.5 Smartphones Will Get 5GB Of Dropbox Storage Free

Cloud storage services are becoming a big push for companies that offer mobile phones as a way to allow the user of the smartphone with limited onboard storage to offload some of the files they want to keep off their device. Apple has the iCloud service, Microsoft will be offering Skydrive with tight WP7 Mango integration, and now HTC has tied up with Dropbox.

HTC has made a deal that will see the new Rhyme smartphone and all future Sense 3.5 smartphones get access to 5GB of Dropbox storage for free. Dropbox usually offers only 2GB of storage before charging the user. Using the free storage the phone user will be able to move a photo or other content from the phone to the Dropbox storage cloud and then have the file synced to any other device on the account running the Dropbox software.

It's not clear at this point if HTC will be updating existing smartphones to Sense 3.5 allowing existing devices can get in on the free cloud storage. HTC Windows Phone devices are not likely to get access to Dropbox either since they have Skydrive access backed in with 25GB of free storage space. Would extra storage space lure you to an HTC Android device?

[via Android Community]