HTC One SV hits Cricket Wireless in bright red

Chris Burns - Jan 4, 2013
HTC One SV hits Cricket Wireless in bright red

In just about as bright a shade of red as is possible in a presentation of an image on the internet, the HTC One SV has appeared for Cricket Wireless. We reviewed a device rather similar to this by the name of HTC One VX carried by AT&T (or the SV in the UK), here we’ve got a contract-free HTC One device with many of the same benefits of its larger, more impressive cousins, with no obligation to pay for data each month.

This machine will cost you a cool $349.99 with no contract involved and will be rocking out with a 4.3-inch Super LCD-2 display up front and a lovely red back – we must imagine that this device will come in more than one color in the end, but for now, red is more than a beast! You’ll be working with a microSD card slot, NFC capabilities, and a 1.6 megapixel camera on the back.

The camera is, like the rest of the HTC One family, ever so slightly enhanced over the commoners of the smartphone universe. This device’s front facing camera has backside illumination as well as an f/2.2 lens, while the back-facing camera also has backside illumination with an f/2.0 lens. You’ve also got the ability to record up to 1080p video with the backside camera.

Inside you’ll be working with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0 over the top. This machine will be offered up by Cricket Wireless with its 4G LTE network, this not exactly being the most extensive network in the United States at the moment, but growing steadily nonetheless! You’ll find that every data plan you get with this machine comes with unlimited messaging and unlimited voice, staples in our forward-looking mobile universe.

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