HTC One Reportedly Delayed Due To UltraPixel Camera Shortage

Just when we thought everything was good and dandy with HTC's latest smartphone, something just had to cause problems. But of course, what launch goes smoothly these days anyway? It's reported that the HTC One is being delayed to due shortages with the smartphone's UltraPixel camera module, according to industry insiders.

According to BriefMobile, sources say that HTC is having difficulty scrounging up enough components to keep up with production of their new flagship handset, specially the components needed to put together the camera module. This could mean that delays may be imminent, and that next week's planned launch of the device may have to wait. That, or not very many units will be available at launch.

It's said that shortages of the voice coil motor (VCM) and the compact camera module (CCM) used in the HTC One's UltraPixel camera are to blame, with yield rates only allowing for anywhere between 800,000 to 1.2 million One devices being manufactured over the next few months. HTC could still stick with their March 15 launch date, but shipments to smaller markets around the world may be delayed into May. This includes Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan.

This means that a US launch happening on time is still possible, and will most likely happen anyway, but the company may not have enough units on hands as originally expected. With the announcement of Samsung's Galaxy S IV coming just a day before the HTC One launch, let's hope HTC will have everything in place. Of course, this is only a rumor at this point, so take the possible delay with a grain of salt.

[via BriefMobile]