HTC HD2 Windows RT hack brings metro apps to WVGA

Chris Burns - Jan 29, 2013, 9:58am CST
HTC HD2 Windows RT hack brings metro apps to WVGA

One of the most-hacked smartphones in the history of the mobile universe, the HTC HD2, is continuing to get its guts spun as Windows RT (tablet Windows 8) gets pushed to it with full-screen metro-style apps! This hack is a continuation of a project being run by @CotullaCode as mentioned a few weeks ago right here on SlashGear. This smartphone originally ran Windows Phone 6.5 and has since been hacked to run Android, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, and even oddities such as First PlayStation Emulator for Windows CE.

This newest push for the expansion of excellence in the HTC HD2 has revealed the Windows UI (aka originally known as metro) version of Internet Explorer to be taking right around 6 seconds to start up. It’s also being re-realized that this user interface isn’t all that different from what Windows Phone 8 is, showing massive buttons and essentially the same text blocks all around regardless of the app. At the moment this 480 x 800 interface is functional on a base level with some limited amount of apps being able to be opened and worked with by the creator (again, Ctll), as an exercise in the power of cross-loading.

What this entire process represents is a show of convergence in our modern technologically advanced age. One computer is never more different from another than it is from a piece of electronics without a bit of silicon onboard. One piece of software can be ported from one machine to another one way or another, just so long as the person making it happen is willing to dedicate time, effort, and sweat enough to make it happen. With the HTC HD2 we’ve got a beacon of fun and entertainment as much as we have a singular device from which all hacks come.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more news from the past few years surrounding this HTC device and get pumped up about the future for Windows Phone as well. There’s also an HTC event coming up on the 19th in February you really should be watching out for – we’ll be there with bells on, you can bet! Keep your eye on @CotullaCode as well for more hot hacking action.

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