HTC HD2 to get capacitive stylus and extended battery

Chris Davies - Nov 25, 2009

HTC’s range of accessories for the HD2 pales against the array of options from which you can outfit your iPhone 3GS, but the company do have at least a few interesting things in the works.  We’ve already heard about the HD2 car-kit, which automatically kicks the Windows Phone into a finger-friendly navigation mode, but now they’ve apparently confirmed a special stylus for use with the capacitive touchscreen is coming, together with an extended battery.

The stylus isn’t expected to drop until early in 2010, and details – including images – are currently unavailable.  It’s possible that the technology used tallies in with HTC’s recent stylus patent, which used a magnetically-equipped tip that could be registered by a capacitive touchscreen display.  Alternatively it might be a simple sponge-tip affair, similar to what’s supplied with the Dell Mini 3i in China.

As for the extended battery, it too isn’t expected until early in the new year, and nor is its specific capacity known.  However it’s believed to come with a replacement back panel – we’re expecting it to protrude out from the back of the HD2 – with an integrated kick-stand that works in both portrait and landscape orientation.  Retailer Clove has the stylus up for preorder, priced at £15 ($25) and the battery at £45 ($75), both excluding VAT.

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