HTC Flyer priced by Amazon Germany

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HTC's Peter Chou wasn't talking pricing for the HTC Flyer when the company launched the 7-inch slate yesterday, but that hasn't stopped Amazon Germany from listing the tablet already. While there's still no release date for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread tablet, we do know it will be €699 ($944).

To put that in context, it's exactly the same price Apple charges in Germany for the 32GB iPad 3G. Both have 3G and the same memory capacity, and HTC did confirm to us last week that the Flyer would be priced around the "high end" of the market.

Of course, the HTC Flyer is likely to see some subsidization from carriers when it launches in early Q2, so that could bring the pricing down a little more into some users' budgets. For more on the HTC Flyer, check out our live report on the slate from Mobile World Congress 2011 this week.

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