HTC announces that it is preparing J Butterfly successor

The HTC J Butterfly was a big hit last year when it was launched, boasting the world's first full HD 5-inch display and churning up demand for high-definition phablets. The handset later made its way to other locations, including the United States, as the Droid DNA, which is nearly identical to the J Butterfly. Now word has it a successor is in the making.

According to Focus Taiwan, HTC's Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho said the company will be rolling out the J Butterfly's successor due to consumer demand for both that particular handset and its market segment in general. The handset will have the Butterfly branding, but its name and the timeline for its release weren't provided.

It looks like a name change is a possibility, however, with Ho's phrasing leaving that an option. "We have no plans for the time being to change the name of this series," he is quoted as saying. The J Butterfly was released as the Droid DNA in the United States, among other places, with only very slight differences, and while Ho only mentioned the J Butterfly, it is possible we'll see an updated DNA rolled out as well.

As pointed out on Android Community, HTC's One flagship handset will likely not be arriving at Verizon, and combined with the rumors of a DNA+ that have been surfacing, it is possible the carrier could be releasing a next-generation version of the handset this year. Regardless, we'll be keeping an eye out for more details as they surface, so stay tuned!

[via Android Community]