HTC 10's front camera might have optical image stabilization

We'll let that title sink in for a few moments. Recovered from awe, shock, or disbelief? If not, don't worry. You still have a few days to wrap your head around the idea, which is all sorts of amazing and bizarre at the same time. HTC has boasted that its upcoming smartphone, whose real name we'll finally get to see on the 12th, will have a compelling camera. It should have probably said "cameras" instead. That's because, according to this "insider source", the HTC 10 will have the world's first front-facing smartphone camera with OIS.

Up until recently, Optical Image Stabilization or OIS has been the sort of holy grail of camera smartphones. Using more or less mechanical means, OIS offers better stabilization than the normal electric or digital IS found in most smartphones. However, they do bulk up the camera assembly a bit, which became a design and engineering puzzle for smartphone makers.

Nowadays, no self-respecting top of the line smartphone will dare to be seen without OIS. But while that features has finally become common among high-end flaships, HTC is taking it one step further to appeal to selfie lovers. Yes, that's right. The HTC 10 will supposedly boast of an OIS on the front camera as well. That information came from the guy who supposedly shot sample photos from the smartphone's camera to test its photobooth features. Now, it may definitely sound like overkill for a selfie cam, but selifes are no longer something you can ignore, even if you abhor it. Plus, front cameras can be used for more than just selfies too.

Whether HTC has some specific use cases in mind outside of selfies or if it's adding OIS there just for the sake of bragging rights, we'll have to wait and see in a few days. HTC has also teased that its camera will once again have an UltraPixel sensor, though it never really hinted whether both cameras will get that same feature as well.

VIA: Phandroid