HP's Palm acquisition finalized: "amazing roadmap" promised

It's July 1st 2010, the first day of Q3 2010, and that means Palm has officially slotted into the warm crevices of mother HP.  Public announcements of what exactly we can expect from the combination vary from the mundane (webOS-based printers, anyone?) to the mysterious (HP's various tablet strategies and the company's refusal to clarify on any of them), but according to the Palm blog this morning they're aiming for "an amazing roadmap of new tools for your mobile and web-connected future."

Right then, guys, you've got our attention (and you've seen our shopping list).  Now it's time to deliver.  We've not been quiet in our approval of webOS – we still rate it as one of the more intuitive, slick and elegant mobile platforms out there right now – but neither have we held back on criticising the seemingly sluggish development cycle of Palm-brand hardware.  Let's hope HP's purse opens up and clears out some of the cobwebs.