HP Windows 7 Tablet Gets Canceled, We Hope For webOS Tablet Instead

Apparently tonight is not a good night for tablet devices. Though, if you were to ask a few people, it may still continue to be a very good couple of days for Hewlett-Packard. After the announcement that HP had bought Palm, suggestions of an HP Slate with webOS started coming left and right. It doesn't help when HP is telling the world that tablets are definitely on the agenda. And now, word is that HP has killed the Windows 7 tablet project, better known as the HP Slate (which debuted at CES this year). Coincidence?

According to a report coming out of TechCrunch tonight, a source that's been briefed with the matter says that HP has canceled the entire project. The source also mentions that HP as a whole isn't happy with Windows 7, at least not when it's on a tablet device. And, considering an early review, that may be far more accurate than anyone could have guessed. However, this also may mean that HP is abandoning Intel-based tablets, due to their power-mongering ways. Again, this would rule out Windows 7 as a tablet OS.

Yes, we want a webOS tablet. We're not going to be shy about that, or even dance around the subject. And, we know that HP wants a tablet with their newly purchased mobile OS, or at least they're definitely going to try for it. Does this mark the beginning of that transition, from Windows-based tablets to the shiny new purchase? Let's hope so. Then again, this could all turn out to be mis-lead source info, and here shortly we could hear something completely different. So, stay tuned.

[via TechCrunch]