HP TouchPad StealthArmor Full Body Kit Fire Sale On Now

If there's one bit of news that's been blowing up and spewing bits all over the internet this past week, one king of hits, it's the HP TouchPad situation. The HP webOS situation as well as the PC spinoff situation have basically faded away in the wake of the $99 tablet, one that NOW we're having trouble locating even though a week ago noone wanted anything to do with. Here's something that hasn't been covered just a whole heck of a lot: what happens to all the accessories made for the tablet?

Right alongside the fire sale for the HP TouchPad is a fire sale for one of the sweetest bits of protection on the market – did you know StealthArmor made a full protection kit for the TouchPad? Of course you didn't! You didn't buy a TouchPad in the first place! They did though, they made a whole stack of protection kits and they want to sell them to you right this second.

This fire sale makes use of the coupon code HPFIRESALE which you've just got to enter into the coupon code section on the Stealth Armor website. This coupon will get you $15 off a full body kit for the HP TouchPad, this kit normally priced at $35 total. This full body kit includes a front protective screen and a custom back film made with the finish of your choice.

Lucky you, we just happen to have a video of Vincent's application process of a StealthArmor adhesive case from our original HP TouchPad review here:

[vms 509fb264818a7512a8b9]