HP TouchPad Hits Woot With $120 Discount

Discounts on HP's TouchPad tablet have been unavoidable this past week, and now Woot has slashed a full $120 off the sticker price of a new, 16GB model. On offer for one day only and while stocks last, it's the biggest cut we've seen to-date on the webOS tablet, itself only on sale for a little over a month.

Retailers – HP included – first began offering up to $60 off the TouchPad at the start of the week, bringing the tablet neatly underneath the cost of the iPad 2. That was followed by the announcement that, as of today, there would be a weekend deal boosting the discount to a full $100 instead, making the 16GB slate just $399.99.

Woot's deal – if you can get in while the company still has stock – beats even that, and while you'll need to factor in $5 shipping, it's still a lot of tablet for $384.99. Although first-impressions of the TouchPad were mixed, the recent webOS 3.0.2 update has reportedly made a significant difference to usability.