HP TouchPad Discounted On Amazon, Best Buy

The HP TouchPad launched not more than two weeks ago and is already getting a price cut on Amazon and Best Buy. Although many folks like the WebOS 3.0 platform, it still needs work. Plus, the TouchPad hardware has been highly criticized in reviews. These factors in addition to the HP TouchPad 4G announcement may have spurred these price cuts.

At Amazon, the HP TouchPad price was shaved off by $10 dropping it to $489.99 for the 16GB model and by about 5% to $572.65 for the 32GB model. Similar discounts were given at Best Buy except that the 32GB model got only a $20 discount that meant a price of $579.99. Although these discounts now price the tablet below the iPad 2, they're not all that huge and compelling.

This is especially so knowing now that a TouchPad 4G is on the way for a launch in time for back to school. It makes it worse to know that the TouchPad 4G has a spec boost from the 1.2GHz processor to a 1.5GHz processor. If you were hoping to pick up an HP TouchPad, would you take advantage of the 5% discount or wait for the new and improved 4G model?

[via PhoneArena]