HP TouchPad 4G With Faster Processor Unveiled For AT&T

A recently leaked HP roadmap revealed that a new 4G version of the HP TouchPad would hit sometime in August. Well, the company has come forth and confirmed those rumors with an announcement today that there will indeed be an upcoming TouchPad 4G and it's heading to AT&T. But more surprisingly, it features a faster processor.

The HP TouchPad 4G will boast a 1.5GHz processor that's faster than the 1.2GHz processor of the WiFi-only TouchPad. This is a strange move given the WiFi-only model launched just two weeks ago. This sudden spec bump may have been in response to critical reviews on the hardware, not excluding our own full review, but could certainly frustrate customers that have just purchased the previous TouchPad.

No specific date has been given as to when the 4G TouchPad would land except that it would arrive in time for the back-to-school season. Also, the new model will come with 32GB internal storage, GPS, and HSPA+ "4G" connection speed rather than 4G LTE.

[via Thisismynext]