WebOS Roadmap Leaks Showing New TouchPad And More

The TouchPad from HP only went live in the last few days. We posted up our review of the TouchPad already and found the hardware lacking, but WebOS was pretty good. I guess HP is already set to refresh that TouchPad hardware, if the leaked roadmap can be believed. According go the roadmap an updated TouchPad is set to land this summer. Specifically the new 64GB TouchPad and a 4G version will land in August.

The leak claims that the new TouchPad will come in white glossy and black colors. The processor inside the new TouchPad also gets an update and rumors point to a 1.5GHz Snapdragon. The 4G tablet will apparently be for AT&T and hopefully it will be the LTE sort of 4G not the faux 4G that is more like a beefed up 3G AT&T pedals right now in many areas. The leaked roadmap also shows several other cool products that are supposed to be coming.

The roadmap also shows the Pre3 and Opal are set to launch in the fall. The Opal is the 7-inch WebOS tablet that little detail is known about right now. It's also worth noting that the embargo date on allowing retailers to advertise the TouchPad is July 17. After that day, you will start seeing the TouchPad advertised in a lot more places.

[via Pre Central]