HP TouchPad Android port gets 3D gaming support [Video]

Efforts to get Android running properly on the HP TouchPad continue, with both cores of the tablet's 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor now usable and hardware graphics acceleration supported. The handiwork of the Cyanogenmod team, the new video demo – which you can see after the cut – shows a modified TouchPad running various 3D games as well as playing 720p HD local video and HQ YouTube clips.

Meanwhile there have also been improvements on sound support, with the TouchPad's Beats Audio blessed speakers now functional. Multitouch touchscreen support was added earlier in the month, and there's working WiFi and accelerometer. Unfortunately there's still a list of components not yet playing nicely with Android: the front-facing camera and Bluetooth for a start, as well as accurate reporting on battery status. Some of the sensors aren't working either, like the digital compass and gyroscope.

As always, the Cyanogenmod team's plan is to only release a ROM when it's ready for public consumption, so TouchPad owners wanting a taste of Android will have to hold off for a while until that's the case. The eventual goal is a dual-boot option, giving a choice of Android or webOS.

[via Android Community]