HP TouchPad 4G gets $700 Amazon listing

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It's been a TouchPad-tastic few days, what with HP's heavy discounting of the webOS slate, and now there's pricing confirmation for the next iteration set to hit the market. The HP TouchPad 4G – complete with AT&T HSPA+ – has been listed on Amazon for $699.99.

While the 4G connectivity is the headline feature here, it's also worth noting that the new version will also pack a faster processor. Rather than running at 1.2GHz, as in the existing TouchPad, the TouchPad 4G will churn along at 1.5GHz. It'll also – in this particular configuration, anyway – have 32GB of onboard storage.

What Amazon doesn't confirm is the release date, and all AT&T will say is that the new variant is expected in time for the back-to-school shopping season. You'll need a separate data agreement to get online via the HSPA+ network, too.

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