HP Slate 500 Windows 7 tablet product page spotted

HP's tablet intentions continue to be slowly fleshed out, with the latest being a new product listing for the HP Slate 500 (product code XB830PA) on the company's site.  Specifications are still unclear, but a mention of EnergyStar testing [PDF link] leads to a listing that tips a 1.6GHz processor, 1GB of RAM and Windows 7 as the OS.

That's of course different to what we've heard earlier this week, of an HP PalmPad webOS based slate tipped by a new trademark listing, and rumors yesterday that HP would be using a dual-mode touchscreen.  That would respond both to multitouch finger input and to active stylus input, potentially used for handwriting recognition and sketching.

According to the product page the Slate 500 also has two cameras and auto screen-rotation.  What all this points to is the continued co-existence of two HP tablets, one being the Windows 7 based slate they were working on themselves, and the other being a webOS based alternative using the Palm IP acquired recently.

[via PC World]