HP Compaq Airlife 100 gets video unboxing & walkthrough

Got twenty minutes to kill and a hankering for HP's Compaq Airlife 100 smartbook?  Then Carrypad have the video for you; they've got an early Airlife 100 unit from HP Spain, ahead of its release on Movistar, and have unboxed it and run through some of its features.Video unboxing after the cut

Benefits are a lighter unit than first-gen touchscreen netbooks, and longer battery life too.  As Steve Paine points out, the Airlife 100 uses a very similar sized battery to the iPad, and indeed the same sort of ARM Cortex A8 core (albeit a 1GHz Snapdragon in the smartbook, versus Apple's own A4), but of course the Android OS it runs allows for multitasking.  We're promised a full review in due course, but until then settle back with your beverage of choice and enjoy the show.