HP 11.6-inch CULV ultrathin and 10.1-inch netbook refresh promised in 2H09

Earlier this week word slipped out from Acer and ASUS that N-series netbooks were on hold until the launch of Pine Trail in early 2010, with the two companies focusing on CULV "ultrathins" instead.  Now it seems that they'll have significant competition from HP, who are believed to have commissioned a new 11.6-inch machine that will go into production next month, with production of a 10.1-inch netbook revision beginning in September.

Quanta is tipped to be responsible for the 11.6-inch model, and while no specifications for the notebook have been released we wouldn't be surprised to see Intel's CULV platform doing duty once again.  The "consumer ultra-low voltage" chips slot in-between Intel's netbook range of N- and Z-series CPUs and their mainstream line of notebook processors.  Rival OEM Inventec are believed to be responsible for the 10.1-inch netbook revision, which will likely continue to use an N-series processor.

Two enterprise notebooks from HP, hitting the 13.3- and 14-inch markets, will arrive in August.  Intel has previously pushed manufacturers to adopt CULV chips, which as well as offering greater performance over its Atom line make it more money.