'How to Get Away with Murder' is now streaming on Netflix

How to Get Away with Murder is ABC's show, but it is now available for watching elsewhere — namely, on Netflix. The video streaming service has managed to grab the exclusive worldwide streaming rights to the show, and launched the first season on its service this past Friday. The first season's streaming arrives ahead of the next season's launch on ABC later this week.How to Get Away with Murder is an ABC drama that will start up against on September 24, giving you three days to get caught up if you have a Netflix subscription. The show began streaming on September 18. Netflix is offering the series to subscribers in Latin America, Canada, and the United States.

ABC has boasted How to Get Away with Murder as its highest rated show for the 2014/2015 television season. Allowing it to stream in Netflix puts it at odd with many competitors, which have largely been striking deals with competitor Hulu.

Netflix has been releasing original television shows for a while now — some that started out on the video streaming service, and others that were acquired after first starting out on regular television. Starting next month, Netflix will release the first of its planned lineup of original theatrical films, something that has caused ample upset in the movie industry.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter