Netflix's original movies start arriving this October

It wasn't too long ago Netflix announced plans to make some original movies. The backlash in the industry was immediate. Some theaters revolted over same-day streaming releases, others called for boycotts. Not all were upset about the news, though, and it has largely boiled over. Netflix will proceeded with original movies the same way it has with original shows, and hopefully it won't let its users down. Though it has been vocal about its ambitions, the streaming service was quiet about its timeline. Now that has changed.

Netflix has announced the launch dates for (most) of its first batch of original movies, such as the four it will be making with Adam Sandler and the Cary Fukunaga documentary. It only remained quiet about its planned Crouching Tiger sequel, saying only that it'll be arriving early next year.

On October 16 Netflix will be releasing Beasts of No Nation, the film from True Detective's Cary Fukunaga about a child soldier in Africa. It will be following that up on December 11 with Adam Sandler's comedy movie "The Ridiculous Six", a film that will eventually be followed with three more Sandler flicks.

Then in March comes Pee-Wee's Big Holiday, a movie for the younger audience Netflix has been working steadily to target. That anticipated Crouching Tiger sequel, though, called Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend has a less clear timeline — all we know is it will be showing up some time in Q1 of next year with a simultaneous theatrical release in China, a market Netflix has been considering for a while.

VIA: Business Insider