How do I get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify?

This week the folks at Google and Spotify teamed up to deliver the Google Home Mini to families across the United States. This plays in well with Google's plan to get the Google Assistant in every single home in the world, starting with these United States of America. Spotify is also glad to partake, without a doubt, as their partnerships with Google have kept them in the limelight even more than they'd been over the past several years as a premiere source for streaming music around the world.

As it is with all things Google, you might notice a little bit of oddity when it comes to services. Why would Google work with Spotify to give out a free Google Home Mini when they've not done the same with Google Music? How about YouTube Music? Why just give away a Google Home Mini to Spotify Premium Family members?

The answer is simple: They want to draw in people who are sort-of in the Google ecosystem, but don't likely already have a Google Home product and/or the Google Assistant in their home.

If Google gave out free stuff to people that already subscribed to their services, they'd simply have a whole bunch of Google users stacking up boxes of Google stuff. You give away free stuff to draw in new users, not to keep the users you've already got. Per-month subscription costs and laziness do that job just fine.

How do I get a free Google Home Mini from Spotify?

Users that have or will soon have a Spotify Premium for Family account can partake in this program to get a Google Home Mini. Devices must be redeemed through the Spotify Family portal before the 15th of January, 2019. Users must apply to get a free Google Home Mini before the 31st of December, 2018. Users can head over to the Spotify Family portal right this minute to tap the "Get Started" button and redeem.