House Of Marley Bag Of Rhythm Review

This month we've gotten the opportunity take a peek at the House of Marley Bag of Rhythm, a massive carry-along amplifier for your iPhone and/or any other device with a headphone jack. The idea here is that you carry this beast along with you wherever you want to go jamming, and turn the twin 1-inch tweeters and 4.5-inch high-definition woofers out on the world to bring sunshine and positivity to your friendly neighbors. What you'll get is an aesthetically (and acoustically) lovely unique piece of equipment that'll fit any one of your iPods just perfectly.

Before you go too far unto this world of good vibrations, know that it's certainly not for everyone up and down the coast. What I mean by that is that with a price of $349.99, your everyday skateboarder might not have the cash to pick one up. If you're the kind of person who knows what they want and certainly wants equipment that's custom built for their iPhone in a rather custom-fit kind of way, then perhaps that price is right up your alley – you'll be in luck. You're likely not going to find any one else in your area rolling out with one of these beasts.

The sound quality on the Bag of Rhythm is surprisingly similar to what we experience with the Redemption Song On-ear Headphones. Obviously the situations are different in that headphones blast directly into your ears while the boom-box speakers here on the Bag of Rhythm deliver beats outward to the whole earth, but many of the qualities can be described the same. The bass is strong, the highs sound great just so long as you don't turn the volume up to the max, and the whole range sounds perfect at room-level volume.

The sound quality does seem to be essentially the same regardless of if you're playing through the AUX jack or your iPhone's proprietary jack, both work great. The whole device has only two controls: power and volume – volume then controlling either your iPhone/iPod's volume output or the overall volume of whatever you're playing through the AUX jack. You can blast sounds out of this speakerbox only when you've got it plugged into a power jack (the port for this being under the pocket on the side of the case) or if you've got a swath of D batteries placed in the bottom of the machine.

As you'll see from the photos, just as much time has been put into the carrying case as has been placed in the electronics – or so it would seem. The colors, the craftsmanship, even the buttons have been done top notch. This is a piece of engineering and music history that you'll be glad to have in your collection for a long time – I've no doubt of that. Pick it up today at the [House of Marley Online Store] and get it shipped directly to your door today!