House of Marley Bag of Rhythm up for sale now

If you attended CES 2012, you very well may have happened upon this delightful device being carried around by members of the House of Marley: the Bag of Rhythm. This harvest-colored beast is essentially a boom box that works natively with your iPod Touch and iPhone, has an Aux input to connect to essentially any other small media device, and strings over your shoulder to blast beats right up into the atmosphere. This sack and wood-housed set of speakers has the look and materials of a modern day block rocker – and it's officially on sale today!

Essentially everything about this monster is recycled or recyclable – not that you'd ever want to recycle such a lovely amalgamation – and is made to give you a unique experience as well as vision. The wood you've got here is FSC certified Birch, the canvas is durable and will bring you back to your army days, and the plastic throughout the setup is entirely recyclable. The packaging the whole setup comes in is recycled, as well, so you'll have nothing you need to throw away when you get the device in the mail.

The speakers you see here are both 4.5-inch high-definition woofers, the setup also having two 1-inch tweeters, 32 watts of power and DSP Sound Processing on the whole. That means high quality sound on both the high and the low end. There's a pocket on the side, two sets of handles for the different ways you might want to carry while you blast, and the whole beast is set to ship this month. If you order one of these mothers up today, you'll get it by the middle of the month – $349.99 at the House of Marley right now.