HoloLens Actiongram puts AR creatures in your living room

Microsoft's newest app for HoloLens looks really similar to Sony's PS4 PlayRoom, placing augmented reality creatures and objects in your living room in real time. Actiongram gives you menus of creatures – a T-Rex or a Zombie, for example – that you can then pinch and drop in to your real world. Once they're in your world, you can use them to tell a story. Or you can just slap them around a bit if you prefer. What you're going to see is Microsoft's vision for first-person Augmented Reality storytelling.

What this system is REALLY similar to is Sony's vision for a VR version of what they presented with PlayRoom in AR in the recent past. Back in March of 2015, we got our first look at PlayRoom VR, a system which – again – put augmented reality creatures in our home environment using a virtual reality headset.

Now Microsoft is doing this with HoloLens.

Have a peek.

And what sort of content could you create with this technology? Let's have a peek at a series of incredibly off-putting videos to see, shall we?

First you'll see a game of charades that makes it clear how terrible it is to wear any sort of virtual reality or augmented reality headset when you're hanging out with friends!

Next we'll see how you could film one of your augmented reality creatures with a bunch of physical miniature set pieces.

The video below shows a very cute puppy by the name of Chewie. He is in space! Imagine trying to make this video without the Microsoft HoloLens holographic headset. It'd be... moderately more difficult, depending on how you look at it.

Microsoft's presentation here seems right on par with the HoloLens itself. Have a peek at our recent article Temper your Microsoft HoloLens enthusiasm.