Hodor app sends Hodor instead of Yo

Chris Burns - Jul 2, 2014
Hodor app sends Hodor instead of Yo

Those of you flabbergasted at the idea that an app like “Yo” made a million dollars in funds from investors due to its super-simplicity will be super excited about Hodor. This app is almost exactly like Yo, but instead of Yo, you’ll be messaging your friends with the name “Hodor.” You’ll just be saying “Hodor,” and that’s it.

When you work with Yo, you get several buttons, each of them leading you to a different part of the app with similarly bright colors and zero room for the imagination. Tapping one of your contacts sends them a “Yo” message just so long as they’ve got the Yo app themselves.

The same is true of Hodor. You can set your notifications to bring Hodor, the man, to your ears, but otherwise it’s basically the same. It’s just like Yo, but with Hodor.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 3.40.09 PM

Unfortunate for Android users, the app “Yo, Hodor” is only for iOS at the moment. You can download Yo, Hodor for free if you like. It’s developed by Tyler Hedrick and works with devices running iOS 7.1 or later.

Above you’ll see every Hodor that Hodor ever Hodored at the point at which this video was made, June 7th, 2013. More Hodors were Hodored after that, but not too many that we’re entirely worried about our Hodor cred at this moment.

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