Hispano Suiza reveals Unique Tailormade 'Hyperlux' custom program for Carmen hyper EV

Legendary Spanish coachbuilder Hispano Suiza has revealed its Unique Tailormade customization program for the high-performance Carmen EV. The goal is to convert each new Hispano Suiza vehicle to "a unique work of art," said the automaker, "while raising the concept of luxury to its maximum exponent, thus creating the concept of Hyperlux."

We find this interesting for a solitary reason. Hispano Suiza's Unique Tailormade custom package offers 1,904 ways to design your Carmen electric supercar, just what you'd expect from a $2-million hyper EV.

However, Hispano Suiza will only make 14 examples of Carmen and build five units of Carmen Boulogne, a higher-performance model with a higher 290 mph top speed. With that in mind, there are infinitely more ways to custom design the Carmen than there are units to design. Nice, huh?

"With the unique Tailormade Program, we wanted to capture the most diverse possibilities of creating a unique Hispano Suiza Carmen for each client," said Francesc Arenas, Design Director of Hispano Suiza. "We want these 19 units of the Carmen to be a work of art on wheels, collectibles, symbols of excellence, and that each owner can participate in the customization process of each vehicle."

Lucky clients can choose from three configuration lines under Hispano Suiza's Unique Tailormade program: Elegance, Heritage, and Sport. From there, customers can select varying colors and materials for the grille, wheels, air intakes, and rear-view mirrors. Inside, you can customize the steering wheel, dashboard, seat upholstery, and even the floor mats.

"We are aware of the needs and desires of our buyers, so we have developed an online tool and a catalog that will allow them to configure the design of the vehicle according to their needs," added Arenas. " We want our customers to be able to drive the car of their dreams."

Indeed, the Hispano Suiza Carmen is one of those ultimate dream cars. It has a breathtaking design that harks back to the Hispano Suiza Dubonnet Xenia H6B from 1938. It has an 80 kWh battery powering four rear-mounted electric motors, two for each rear wheel. Pumping out a combined 1,000 horsepower and 856 pound-feet of torque, Carmen reaches zero to 60 mph in under 2.6-seconds.

Meanwhile, Carmen Boulogne weighs 132 pounds (60 kg) less than a standard Carmen. It also has the same four electric motors in the rear wheels, but the power output is a mind-boggling 1,100 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque, all of which are at your command from zero to 6,500 rpm. Hispano Suiza claims 248 miles of range for both Carmen and Carmen Boulogne.