Here's when Battlefield 6 will be revealed

Ever since DICE and Electronic Arts confirmed that a new mainline Battlefield game is coming later this year, there's been one question on the mind of every Battlefield fan: when will the new game be revealed? DICE hasn't talked much about the game yet, but that's all going to change soon, as today the studio confirmed when the next Battlefield game will be officially revealed. While that's probably exciting enough on its own, there's even better news in that the reveal is just around the corner.

How close is it? The reveal of Battlefield 6 – as the game is colloquially called lacking a formal title – is a little more than a week out. As confirmed on Twitter today, DICE plans to reveal Battlefield 6 on Wednesday, June 9th.

As for what the reveal will entail, we're basically being left in the dark here. The tweet, which was published to the official Battlefield account, was painfully devoid of any actual details save for the reveal date and time. That means we don't know how DICE plans to reveal Battlefield 6, whether if it will be through a simple announcement trailer or through a deeper dive into the game's mechanics and modes.

Obviously, we hope it's the latter, but for the sake of not being let down, it's probably best to expect the former. At the very least, we expect this reveal to cover Battlefield 6's setting and actual title, but it would also be fantastic to get a release date for the game as well.

Previously, DICE confirmed that the new Battlefield game will be available for both last and current-gen consoles, so those of you struggling to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X won't have to sit this new Battlefield installment out. Battlefield 6 is also being worked on by several studios under the Electronic Arts umbrella, so it sounds like it's going to be an ambitious game. The Battlefield 6 reveal will be happening on June 9th at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT on the Battlefield YouTube channel, so check back here next week for everything you need to know.